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Rick Kazman

University of Hawaii / Software Engineering Institute
Professor / Research Scientist
Rick Kazman is a professor at the University of Hawaii and a research scientist at the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute. Kazman has created several influential methods and tools for architecture analysis, including the Software Architecture Analysis Method, the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method, the Cost-Benefit Analysis Method, and the Dali and Titan tools. The author of more than 200 publications and co-author of several books, Kazman received a BA in English and music and an MM in computer science from the University of Waterloo, an MA in English from York University, and a PhD in computational linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University. How he ever became a software engineering researcher is anybody’s guess. When not architecting or writing about architecture, Kazman may be found cycling, playing the piano, practicing tae kwon do, or (more often) flying back and forth between Hawaii and Pittsburgh.